This wall sconce is fashioned from an authentic, natural geode slice. Each fixture is custom made per finding in order to create the best possible finished product. The black panels are cut from birch, and can be finished in either a stain color of your choice or a painted color, such as the one featured here. The lamp in this image is 8″ square and has a 3″ profile. Two LED bulbs illuminate the stone from behind. If you would like this to be dimmable, you will need to install an electronic LED dimmer, in place of your standard wall dimmer.

Power: Hardwired or can be made suitable for plugging into a wall outlet with its own on-off switch.

Please inquire about our available pieces, or send us a piece of glass that you’d like us to transform into one of these spectacular wall lamps.

If you live outside of the U.S., please let send me an inquiry so I can calculate shipping.

The Geode Modern Wall Sconce

SKU: A0209
  • Rob Lewbel - Claremont, CA

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