This custom made piece can be constructed in virtually any length or width. The design can be easily reconfigured into a multitude of shapes, from U-shapes to L-shapes and everything in between..  

Starting with an oak framework, the squares are assembled onto the ceiling. From there, the pine planks of varying length, stained in alternating tones, are then assembled, one by one, onto the oak structure.

In this home in Sands Point, Long Island, I installed the 11' fixture with 32 bottles in 2 days, after a build and deconstruction in my Claremont California shop.  

This fixture, at $7,400, comes with installation. Or, I can ship the fixture to you with assembly instructions, for a discounted price. Please be advised that construction and electrical knowledge are a must for this installation, and it is recommended that you consult a professional before placing this chandelier in your home.  

Please contact me with your ideas for a version of this chandelier in any size, and I will give you a quote.

New Yorker 32 Light Chandelier - with installation

SKU: A0199
  • Rob Lewbel - Claremont, CA

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