Custom made to order in sustainably harvested walnut, cherry, maple, ash, oak. Check for new wood availability!

We are a small quality minded shop and it generally takes 4-6 weeks for completion, your patience is much appreciated and we aim to please eveyone!

The Naturalist stool:

Bring a little nature into your home with a California contemporary look. The Naturalist stool will fit just about anywhere. The front edge of the bench maintains the natural edge of the trees shape after the bark is carefully removed and the edge is sanded smooth. The triangular shape cuts down on the overuse of materials if we use 13" wide flitch cut boards (natural edge on both sides) and alternate our pattern from one edge to the other. We keep things eco-friendly by using materials that are is either salvaged or sustainably harvested with a plant-based finish. 

18”- $400 (30" table height)
25”-$525(36" kitchen counter)
27”-$545 (38" counter or bar)
31”-$575 (42" bar top)


Naturalist Stool

Stool Height
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  • Chester Shuey, Asheville, NC

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