The item pictured above is sold but you can order a similar piece tailored to your needs.
No matter where you live, your custom piece will be in your home in 3-4 weeks.
Please contact me before placing an order.

¤ No metal, no glue, no coating, exclusively solid wood
--- Extremely natural (truly bio furniture)
--- Joy to touch
--- Easy assembly
--- Extremely sturdy and robust
--- Lasts for generations
¤ Live edge design
--- No bark, sanded to a heavenly smooth finish
--- Ageless natural and elegant look
--- Unique piece
¤ Flat packed
--- Easy when moving house
--- Low shipping costs
¤ You can get one for the same price no matter which size you need up to Cal King size or 220x220cm
--- Price depends only on layout
--- Mattress and decoration excluded
¤ Fumed oak (40mm board thickness)
--- Much more sustainable than walnut
--- More figured than walnut (ray flecks)
--- More durable (harder and wear resistant) than walnut
--- Narrower sapwood than walnut
--- Walnut can retire! :-)

Brief description of this version:

The Sofa bed layout is a kind of futon bed. It is intended for everyday use so it needs two normal single mattresses and one side can be folded up. Seen boards are live edge. 85.5" long, 79.8" wide or 57" when folded up. (in case of two twinXL sized mattresses)
Up to 16" wide endboards and up to 14" slat height, ~7-8" wide sideboards

Some more on the Sofa bed:

¤ In case of this folding bed you just fold up or down one side changing between bed and sofa functions.
¤ I can make that even easier by gas spring mechanism. (on request but no extra cost)
¤ It is very important that you can use this folding bed as a sofa too. It saves the space of a sofa! I designed this sofa bed specifically for limited space and for everyday sleep. Actually I needed that... And it shows very popular demand by the thirtysome generation.
¤ I must also tell that even the cheapest memory mattress is much more comfortable than any sofa. And this construction is immeasurably sturdier than any sofa.
¤ I’ve thrown out our sofa and I couldn’t be happier! So if you have any sofa at home, get rid of it! ;-)
¤ You can also customize your sofa bed with simple textiles or blankets. You can even use mattresses of different hardness and you can use the one suiting your sitting needs.

Live Edge Sofa Bed - Any Size

Mattress Size

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