Height: 28 Inches; Width: 20 Inches; Depth: 16 Inches

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Symphony of joinery: Yin and Yang nightstands
¤ No metal, no glue, waxed only, exclusively solid wood
--- Extremely natural (truly bio furniture)
--- Joy to touch
--- Easy assembly
--- Extremely sturdy and robust
--- Lasts for generations
¤ Live edge design
--- No bark, sanded to a heavenly smooth finish
--- Ageless natural and elegant look
--- Unique piece
¤ Flat packed
--- Easy when moving house
--- Low shipping costs
¤ Fumed oak
--- Much more sustainable than walnut
--- More figured than walnut (ray flecks)
--- More durable (harder and wear resistant) than walnut
--- Narrower sapwood than walnut
--- Walnut can retire! :-)

Live Edge Nightstand Pair

SKU: A0019

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