A Kepler- Poinsot polyhedron, the great stellated dodecahedron is a highly complex solid. 
The complexity is given by the arbitrary choice I have to make when drawing the length of the two identical sides of the triangles that constitute the pentagonal pyramids. There are no rules here and the possibilities in terms of height of the pyramids and consequent angles are infinite. This generates a solid that will in fact be unique. Unlike most other solids I make this one has the peculiarity of leaving me some choice as to what the finished object will be.
I have not yet counted the cuts involved in this make but I know it’s around 2000!

We have three kinds of ceiling cover available. If not otherwise specified the light fixture will come with option A in silver (natural colour of iron) as seen in the picture. 
Covers and lampholder covers can be spray painted to match the cable colour you choose. Please contact us before or after purchasing your lamp to let us know the type of cover you prefer and the colour.

I make this in oak but I'll be out soon with some spray painted ones.

Custom order available 
Electrical included per standards of EU/US
Dimensions approximately 55cm by 55cm by 55cm
Light bulb not included

We kindly inform our customers that the colour of natural wood may slightly differ from the photo shown here. Furthermore, the colour tone may appear slightly different depending on the device you have and its related settings.

Johannes Kepler - Mysterium Cosmographicum

SKU: A0041
Cable Color
Shape of Ceiling Cover
  • Michelangelo Ricci, Florence, Italy

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