16 inches long x 9 inches high (not including canopy)
40 cm long x 23 cm high

Requires one standard Edison bulb (E27) not included.

Consolation (Consolação) is a lonely beach in Portugal covered in soft, white sand. Sitting or walking on this beach, one feels the true serenity and consolation that only the ocean can give. This chandelier was handcrafted with genuine sea glass, seashells, driftwood and fishing rope all hand selected by me. It is truly one-of-a-kind and will be the perfect piece of art-with-a-purpose in your home!

Hi, I'm Meagan, the creator of Silver Coast Designs and the designer of all of  our hand crafted jewelry, lighting and decor. My husband Micah and I moved to Portugal from the United States in 2015 along with our yellow Labrador, Hunter. We have fallen in love with the diverse landscapes as well as the people here in Portugal. 

I have been in the field of design for many years, in a variety of areas, but always I kept coming back to this dream of mine to make lighting. My dad is an electrician, so maybe that's where my interest stems from! In my opinion, the right lighting can completely change the mood and feel of a room. The perfect chandelier should be a piece of art, it should bring style and class to the room. I like to think of lighting fixtures as being the jewelry for your room. The right piece can bring everything together!

After moving to Portugal and living by the sea, my passion for lighting evolved to include my passion for the sea. Beachcombing is what I do to relieve stress. Finding seaglass is like treasure hunting for me! So somehow, my love of lighting and my love of the beach have come together to form this idea of Silver Coast Designs - beach inspired lighting, jewelry and decor. All materials are hand selected by us, all products are handmade by us.

Driftwood Sea Glass Chandelier

SKU: A0002
  • Meagan Gittin - Portugal

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