Are you looking for a fun, unique one-of-a-kind light fixture for your living room or dining room? Want to make a statement that says "chic" but also "sustainable" and "eco-friendly"? This light is rustic, yet elegant. It would look great in a beach house or just about any house! The grey and taupe / beige color palette make it neutral for any decor color scheme. Both taupe and grey sea glass are very rare colors. (According to the Carter Sea Glass Color and Rarity Guide all these colors range from 5-7 out of 10 in rarity.) You will see that some of these pieces come from old TV screens, others were privacy glass or bottles.

All the driftwood and sea glass are genuine and were sourced by me on the beaches of Portugal. I handcraft each light myself, from the very beginning with finding, cleaning and treating the driftwood, to wiring the electrical pieces. This light is easy to install and will work with any voltage. Requires a standard bulb, I recommend LED, and the bulb is not included.

68x70x35 cm
27x27.5x14 inches

Will ship separately in two boxes, some basic assembly required but instructions will be included.

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What is Sea glass?
Sea glass is glass that has been in the ocean for decades, at least. It has been tossed about in the sand and rocks, wearing down its hard, jagged edges. The saltwater leeches out minerals in the glass, causing the “c marks” or pitting that you see and sometimes even changing the color of the glass. Beautifully, it is nature’s way of taking garbage, and making something we treasure, it is recycling at its finest! 

Here in Portugal, where there is so much history from our seas, it is fun to imagine where the various pieces may have come from. Could it be a piece of an old olive oil jug a century old? Could it be from an 18th century bottle of port? Could it have come from a pirate ship? Or could it have been tossed overboard from a ship leaving for a great discovery? Glass has been in existence for thousands of years, so the possibilities are endless!

All our sea glass and sea pottery is genuine, handpicked by us from the beaches of Portugal, Spain and France. Make no mistake, there IS fake seaglass out there!

Driftwood & Sea Glass Chandelier

SKU: A0001
  • Meagan Gittin - Portugal

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