Nick DeMao - Marietta, GA

Like any business, there's usually a great story that lends itself to the name of said business. Ours is no different: 

My father is an important figure in my life and he's directly responsible for creating the moral fiber in which I stand for. All my humor derives from his corny jokes often told at the dinner table. One of these jokes resonated for years, perhaps because it was the corniest of all or perhaps because it was the first I can remember:

There's an insecure boy with a wooden eye attending his first high school dance. He's a bit nervous given his lifeless eye and elects to play the loner instead of approach all the pretty girls and face certain embarrassment. His friends, noticing his rather dejected state, urge him to ask another wallflower across the way: a girl with a large hook nose. Feeling a bit more confident in his chances, the boy with the wooden eye approaches the girl. 

"Would you like to dance with me?" He asks. 

"WOULD I?!!??!" She eagerly responds. Without realizing her excitement to dance with him, he blurts out: 

"Hook nose!"

And as such, the name "Wood Eyes" gets its origin. The humble beginnings of WoodEyes Woodworks are still in progress. At the heart of the shop is one man and his loving family operating from a garage, and with such modest accommodations often comes the motivation to achieve something greater. The employees of WoodEyes Woodworks pride themselves on a meticulous attention to detail that's rarely seen in a world catered towards mass production.

Nothing beats making sawdust on the weekends. Like golf, you're only playing against yourself when it comes to woodworking. Every step must be carefully measured and dissected to ensure that at the end of the process you have a product worth selling. Sure there were trials and tribulations to overcome at the outset, but through the hardships our bond has grown stronger and we strive to offer products guaranteed to meet our celestial standards.

Years of careful study and practice have finally granted the folks at WoodEyes Woodworks the confidence to offer their product to a wide audience. We strive to deliver something that will be a showcase piece for you and yours for years to come.

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