Daniel Laza -Békéscsaba, Hungary

My name is Dániel Láza. I am 22 years old. Ever since I was a youngster, I have been interested in things that require creativity and how to make them.


My father is a carpenter and as his child, I made various items and toys for myself from the scrap materials found in his workshop. So, I can say that my interest in the profession was developed at an early age.


As a teenager, I have tried myself in many areas of my life and spent 15 years doing sports and modeling. I owe a lot to the latter because I gained a lot of useful experience that I can use as a carpenter. During my travels, I was fortunate enough to get to know different countries, cultures, designs, and attitudes, which I tried to allow influence over my work.


Over time, I became convinced that I would like to pursue my family heritage of woodworking, using all the experiences, impressions, and inspirations I had encountered abroad. This is how I got to making furniture and products using epoxy. What drew me the most to epoxy resin is that only imagination and creativity limit what we can make of it.

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