As a result of our high product standards, we are able to confidently market the gallery to a pool of serious buyers. In addition to creating a strong online presence via Google and social media, our team will work diligently and offer incentives to establish the Artisan Gallery as a go-to resource for individuals working in a profession that interacts with our target audience.

Nothing promotes our marketplace like the quality of the products in the gallery. When we create online ads, we will select an item from the gallery to promote. This method of driving traffic to our page via a highlighted product instead of directly marketing the Artisan Gallery, will result in free advertisement for whichever item we select in the advertisement. Keep sending us your best work and don’t be surprised if you see it advertised all over the internet!

Artisan Gallery will handle the collection and filing of sales tax for you, based on the delivery location. You don’t need to pay any sales tax on products sold through the gallery.
(Some states require that businesses file even if no debt is owed)

Artisan Gallery charges a 5% fee on the total amount of each sale, as well as a 2.9% + 30¢ fee for each payment processed (this same processing fee is charged to us by a third-party merchant services processor and is subject to change).

We do not charge any listing fees.

Your invitation e-mail will include a link to an online form where you can register with the gallery. After registering, you will receive another e-mail with a link that takes you to the upload form for submitting your product items. Our team of professionals are dedicated to helping you market your products. Instead of simply going live once you press submit, the entry will come to us, at which point we will stage the description and pictures to achieve the optimum selling potential. 

In order to simplify the process and help you spend more time in the workshop, we also offer the option of having our team create ads for you, by taking information from entries you may have already created on another website. Simply send us the link, and we will duplicate the ad for you.

If you sell from your own personal site or sell in another marketplace, that’s no problem! The vendor is simply responsible for notifying Artisan Gallery right away if a one-of-a-kind item sells elsewhere, so that we can remove the listing. If the product is something that you can duplicate, just leave the ad in place and let’s keep selling!

We are here to help further your success. If a customer likes your work but doesn’t see exactly what they’re looking for in the gallery, they may wish to commission you to make a custom piece for them. You will have the opportunity to make this option available when you register with the Artisan Gallery. In the event that a buyer is interested in this service, we will act as a liaison passing along all communication between parties, as well as collecting payment and handling the sales tax. 

Relying on automatic cost calculators at check-out is high risk due to unexpected costs dependent on the custom size/weight of most products. If the calculator charged the customer, but your actual cost was greater, it would eat into your profit. Because of this, we give all sellers the option to advertise all items as “shipping included” (recommended) or listing a flat shipping rate to the United States. If you offer shipping out-of-country, the customer will be prompted to contact you for the proper shipping cost.

( is a valuable asset in determining shipping costs)

If the seller offers returns, Artisan Gallery will notify them of any return requests from a buyer and will serve as a liaison, in an effort to resolve the situation. 


The Artisan Gallery will disperse payment to the seller every Friday for all sales transactions from the calendar week prior (Sun-Sat).

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