Chester Shuey - Asheville, NC

My process is simple and clean, I use locally salvaged trees and lumber. A dangerous tree removed from a yard can be turned into a one of a kind dining table or chairs, or hardwood beams removed from an old barn can be repurposed into a set of stools or a bench. Here in Asheville, NC and the surrounding areas this is a common practice and I feel lucky to be amongst fellow woodworkers and artists with a common goal. Most of the time I can tell clients where the boards used in thier project came from, and which local sawyer milled them. This process supports local tree services, sawyers, kiln operaters, galleries, and many more. When you invest in a piece of furniture from me, you also invest in the community and the envirnoment.

Should all furniture last generations? I think so. Investing in handmade furniture is exactly that, an investment. My goal is to create well-made family heirlooms with hardwoods and fine craftsmanship.
I consider my original designs to be somewhat minimalist; keeping it clean, simple, and comfortable.  

Joinery is what makes a craftsman. Today manual skills are somewhat rare and I take pride in them. I believe making a quality product is the best way to pay respect to my clients. Handmade work catches your eye, it warms your soul; people want honest goods, and that's what I make.

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